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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 4 Quiz

Here are the questions to week 4 quiz on Chapter 4 of Fee and Stuart, so you know them ahead of time.  So find the answers ahead of time, and if you see this post ahead of class, you'll know that you can even bring a page of notes to the quiz.  Heck, you can even bring a piece of paper to class with your name and the answers already filled in  to class, and turn it in as your quiz (So, taking the quiz in class will take you about zero and a half seconds).

 So, it's open notes; not open book,  starting at 6 pm.

All questions should be prefaced in your mind with "According to Fee and Stuart.."

1.There is "one main issue" in hermeneutics/interpretation, and that is "a general lack of ______."
(p. 75)

2.The basic rule is "a text cannot mean what it   ____________________"
 (p. 77)

3.  When Paul talks about the body being the temple of the Holy Spirit, he means the bodies of individual believers.   T__F__
(p. 79-80)

4. The "face value" meaning and context of "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers" has to do with  marriage (Believers shouldn't marry unbelievers).   T__  F___
(p. 80)

5.  "The New Testament writers  (especially Paul's letter to Philemon) under_____  slavery."
(p. 88)

6. "In Scripture, God has given us all we need, but not necessarily ___________."